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Calendar, Email, Twitter, & More On Your Lock Screen [LockInfo]

How to install and use Lockinfo
Display Calendar, Email, Twitter, Weather & More On Your Lock Screen

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Step 1. Install App

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  1. Slide to unlock your device.
  2. Find the Cydia app and launch it.
  3. Tap the search tab and type in the text field what app you want to install
  4. Select the app.
  5. Click on “Install” and then tap “Confirm” on the next page to complete the installation.
  6. Cydia will download and install the app, please do not exit Cydia until this is finished.
  7. Cydia will ask you to restart your springboard, reboot, or just return to cydia. Tap the button and you’re done!

Step 2. Configure App

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Note: No configuration is needed to make this app work. Just go to the settings app, then lockinfo and activate your trial. (See “Step 3”)

  1. Slide to unlock your device.
  2. Find and launch the Settings app.
  3. Scroll down until you see the Lockinfo section.
  4. Tap “General” to configure general Lockinfo settings.
  5. Tap “Appearannce” to configure your default Lockinfo theme, and Font sizes.
  6. Tap “Plugins” to customize the appearance and behaviour of each individual Lockinfo plugin as well as show/hide/reorder them. You can also buy new plugins for Lockinfo from here.
  7. Tap “Lockscreen” to enable Lockinfo on the Lockscreen and adjust it’s theme, layout, plugin visibility, various appearance elements, custom unlocking methods and other behavioral settings.
  8. Tap “Homescreen” to enable a Lockinfo view on your first home screen to create a central home hub for all your info. You can also edit theme and appearance elements on here as well.
  9. Tap “Infoshade” to set Lockinfo to show on an Activator action, regardless of on the homescreen, lockscreen, or in the middle of an app. Activation methods, layout and appearance settings can be configured here.

Step 3. Use App

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Note: Not all of Lockinfo’s plugins are reviewed here. Depending on what plugins you’ve enabled, your user experience may differ slightly

  1. Press home or power button to turn on your lock screen. If enabled, Lockinfo should be visible to you.
  2. Use the Lock Weather plugin to replace the default lock screen clock. Tap on the weather display to pull up a 6 day forecast as well, or tap on today’s date to pull up a month view.
  3. Use the Favorite’s plugin to have access to your favorite contacts list right from the lock screen. Tap to reveal options to call, text, or facetime.
  4. Use the Calender plugin to view your weekly agenda right from your lockscreen so you never forget another scheduled appointment or birthday.
  5. Use one of the many popular “To Do” plugins that syncs with native To-Do apps to view daily tasks and mark them as complete right on your lockscreen.
  6. Use the Phone plugin to show missed calls and voicemails, with shortcuts right from the lockscreen to listen to the messages or call back.
  7. Use the Mail plugin to view all your incoming mail and preview full messages right from the lock screen.
  8. Use the SMS plugin to list all your unread messages. SMS plugin works with the native SMS app, but can work in conjunction with alternatives like BiteSMS that allows for replying to messages right from the lockscreen.
  9. Use the Notifications plugin to view all your missed notifications in a list and tap to launch the app that alerted you.
  10. Use the Twitter plugin view your twitter timeline, compose a tweet, or reply to an @mention or DM, right from your lockscreen.

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