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Jailbreaking misconceptions

We know the term "jailbreaking" seems scary and overwhelming, but we are here to dispel your fears. Click play to begin!

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Is it illegal?

Absolutely not. Jailbreaking is completely legal

Here’s why

Jailbreaking used to be a controversial and taboo topic because of the public anti-jailbreak stance Apple took towards it, bashing it for copyright violation and bathing it in a negative light. But the fact of the matter is that Apple’s attempt to strong-arm jailbreakers failed miserably at the U.S. Copyright Office. The Library of Congress even denied Apple’s weak arguments against it, and since July of 2010, exempted jailbreaking from the Digital Millennium Copyrights Act to permit jailbreaking of iDevices. This allowed jailbreakers to legally get applications that are not available in the Apple App Store.

Will it change my phone at all?


The only difference you will see is a new app called “cydia”. This app is like a second app store, which allows you to download new and better apps that aren't offered in the normal app store.

All of your apps, contacts, music, and everything else, will stay exactly the same. Nothing will be erased if you decide to jailbreak. It only adds this new app store called Cydia.

Does it cost money?

Jailbreaking your device is absolutely free and always will be free!

Just like the app store, there are both free and paid apps available. Unlike the app store, however, many of the best apps have free trials! This allows you to try out the apps before you decide to buy them.

Is it permanent?

Absolutely not!

At any time you can restore or update your device using iTunes and it will remove the jailbreak. Click here to learn how

Does it void my warranty?

Ok, so if you were to bring a Jailbroken device into the Apple Store, Apple could void your warranty.. but thankfully there is a very easy way to avoid this. Simply restore your device in iTunes, and choose "set up as a new device." If you do this before going into the Apple Store, there would be NO way for them to ever know you jailbroke your device. Click here to learn how

It may seem like we are hiding something, but the fact is apple just wants to limit your device, and because they can't say its illegal, they simply threaten to void your warranty.

So, moral of the story, if you need to take your device into the Apple Store to get it repaired, simply restore it before-hand. Click here to learn how

Are you ready to jailbreak?